Top 5 Best Kid’s Bikes

When it comes to finding the perfect kid’s bike, it can be a challenge to find the right one for your child. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top five best kid’s bikes. Whether you’re looking for a bike for a toddler just learning to ride, or a more advanced bike for an experienced rider, this list has something for everyone. 

We’ll cover features to look for in each bike, plus some helpful tips on how to choose the best one for your child. So let’s get started and find the perfect bike for your little rider!

1) Woom 2

The Woom 2 is a fantastic choice for kids who are just starting to learn to ride a bike. Its lightweight design and 12-inch wheels make it perfect for younger children and those with a smaller stature. The low standover height makes it easy for kids to get on and off the bike safely and confidently. 

The Woom 2 also comes with an adjustable stem and saddle, as well as a rear coaster brake, giving parents the ability to easily adjust the bike to fit the child’s size. This bike is also available in three colors, allowing kids to customize their looks. Overall, the Woom 2 is an excellent choice for young riders looking to learn the ropes of riding.

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2) Prevelo Alpha Three

The Prevelo Alpha Three is a lightweight, easy-to-ride bike for kids ages 3-5. With its low center of gravity and light frame, this bike helps children learn how to balance and control their bikes with ease. It’s the 8-speed drivetrain and adjustable seat and handlebars help kids get comfortable with shifting gears and riding faster. 

The Alpha Three also comes with a bell, kickstand, and quick-release seat for convenience. Additionally, the Prevelo Alpha Three is available in bright colors to add an element of fun to your little one’s bike ride. Whether they’re learning to ride or are already seasoned pros, the Prevelo Alpha Three is a great choice for young riders looking for an affordable and reliable bike.

3) Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids’ Bike

The Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids’ Bike is a great choice for young riders, perfect for tackling the toughest trails. This bike has 16″ wheels and is equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame. It also features high-quality components like a Shimano 3×7 speed drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, and an adjustable stem that grows with your child. 

The low-maintenance chain and rust-resistant wheel spokes make this an easy-to-maintain option. This bike is designed for kids aged 8-12 and it’s a great choice for those just starting on their biking journey. It’s built to be reliable, durable, and most importantly, fun!

4) Raleigh MXR 16 Kids’ Bike

The Raleigh MXR 16 Kids’ Bike is the perfect first mountain bike for young riders. With its lightweight aluminum frame and 16-inch wheels, the MXR is designed to help your child get comfortable with mountain biking in no time. 

The front suspension fork adds comfort and control while navigating off-road trails. With a Shimano 6-speed drivetrain, kids can pedal their way up hills and ride flat terrain with ease. The front and rear V-brakes provide reliable braking power. 

The MXR 16 comes in two color options, red and blue, so your child can choose the bike that best fits their style. Whether they’re taking their first ride on a mountain trail or practicing their skills in the backyard, the Raleigh MXR 16 Kids’ Bike is a great choice for young riders.

5) Pello Reyes

The Pello Reyes is a great choice for any young rider looking for a bike to learn and grow with. This 16” wheel bike is perfect for kids ages 4-8, with an adjustable seat post allowing the bike to grow with your child. 

The frame is lightweight aluminum, and the components have been designed specifically with children in mind. The brakes are powerful and easy to operate, and the geometry of the bike is optimized for smaller riders.

The Pello Reyes has a Shimano 1×7 drivetrain that ensures smooth and consistent shifting. The low gearing range allows your little one to start riding off road, without feeling overwhelmed by the terrain. The bike comes with a chainguard and kickstand, making it easier to ride and store. 

Overall, the Pello Reyes is an excellent choice for young riders looking to get their first bike. With its adjustable size and high-quality components, your little one will be able to have fun and explore on their first bike.


Q: What is the best age for kids to start riding a bike?

A: Generally, kids can begin riding a bike as soon as they can walk. That said, it’s important to find a bike that fits your child’s size and skill level. To properly fit a bike, there should be at least two inches of clearance between the child’s inseam and the top tube of the frame. 

Q: Are there any safety features I should look for when buying a kid’s bike?

A: Yes, you should always look for bikes that have features such as hand brakes, foot pedals, and low stand-over heights to ensure safety. Additionally, you may want to consider a bike with coaster brakes, which can be easier for younger riders to use.

Q: How often should I check my child’s bike?

A: It is important to regularly check the condition of your child’s bike and make sure that all parts are securely tightened. 

Additionally, you should make sure that the brakes are functioning properly, the tires have adequate air pressure, and the chain is properly lubricated. It is also a good idea to teach your child basic maintenance skills like how to check tire pressure and how to lubricate the chain.


Finding the perfect kid’s bike can be a daunting task, but with the five top picks we’ve outlined in this article, you should have no problem finding the perfect bike for your little one. From mountain bikes to road bikes, there is something for everyone. 

Consider factors like wheel size, frame size, and riding style before making your purchase. Safety should be a top priority when choosing a bike and accessories, so make sure your child is wearing a proper helmet and protective gear before they go out and enjoy their new ride.

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