Sarkodie – CEO Flow ft E-40

Ceo flow by Sarkodie


Download another clean mp3 audio song lyrics by Sarkodie and this amazing new music is titled “CEO Flow” ft E-40.

Sarkodie and E-40 goes head to head as they drops dope punchlines on the record that shows their versatility.


Listen up below!.






You know I’m running outta patience

Still aa no me tw3n the nigga who go

Make I party cos it feels like a vacation

Ma me send mo location

S3 mo nim me fie you don’t need an invitation

We having a conversation

3ba no fan base you ain’t fucking with the nation

That be why all you niggas be hating

I’m on a paper chasing

The 1st nigga to do it

In so swift I dodged all the bullets

Bisi no y3 din a we use force to chew it

This no be luck from day one I knew it

The return of the Godfather

The boss rapper

Y3 hu me a they all scatter

Me wu a you all suffer cos me na

Tser3 mo how your delivery go fall proper

You are now rocking with the realest motherfucker

I’ve been rapping for a minute so I’m used to all this sabotage

Man that shit is camouflage

Decade in the game I made a lotta cash but

I need more cos you know we blow money fast

Niggas wanna tap into the blessing

Time’s gonna reveal all the truth I ain’t stressing

I’m the best to ever do it this is not even a question

They don’t wanna see me great and that be the

Impression I dey get from all these soft ass rappers

You dealling with some top class shutters

Some natural boys that be why your punchlines suffers

Ma omo aso te s3 omo y3 top 5 wackest

I’m the realest in the game no cap

S3 me wu na me k) ba I be the same old cat

E b you niggas you dey push the game go back

Y3 si rappers for the kiss but they aint no fag cos

Even when I’m broke be when I make more stacks

How many rappers dey perform dey take more cash

Wo di3 keep key no we go break door locks

From kumasi VIP we dey take tour bus

They want me to chill like they got me on ice

Y3 si B.E.T me cheat cos I dey carry all night

S3 m’3n win award then I probably don’t like

Cos lemme be honest my nigga we alright

A 100, 000 on a video clip only because I be on my

CEO shit no discount nigga gotta feed the whole clique

S3 wo ha madwen a then I take a road trip

I’m on ma hustle like a stripper on a pole

Wo p3 wo girl no a you gotta put her on the low

I’m a legend homie if you wanna know

At this level I’m only rapping to keep you on your toe

You only got a crib cos your ass got signed

I be self made everything is all mine

A nigga stay broke when a nigga don’t grind

Wo ny3 real nti m3nfr3 me nigga keep it online

Wo ny3 dru me level nigga take a chill pill

Cut the bullshit yall already know the real deal

Sikan ano ewu kwraa e go still kill

Mo bars water pistol wo b3 te piw piw

S3 mo rap lose form a I be the only weight gainer

Punchlines 65 feet container

I guess you gotta diss cos you need a sustainer

Man I got the shit together like a fucking waist trainer

Me ni time man I gotta keep focus

I’m a beast only real niggas notice

Charley the fans still dey fuck with the

Nigga over 17 years a lifetime hypnosis

What else?

Tribulations and trial, trials and tribulations

Rome wasn’t built in a day so have patience

Under-previledged I went through financial hardships

Then I started catching prayers like a

All A’s on my ghetto report card

The first one to tell you to go home or go hard

Never in the sucker shit

Always run a fixture and a factor and a boss

Never cross game, double cross

Never lose momentum, get off

Protect the chef at all cost

The suckers is jealous, in a way they make you throw it all away in one day

That’s why I pray

Born and raised after God

Gotta pass a good nut

Gotta be alert and aware

The situation so real was having these muse getting at it

Flipping and scribbling like acrobatic

Money over bitches, money over bitches

Never tell ’em bitches any of your business

Everyday is christmas, everyday is christmas

Put it inside the cart fuck a wishlist

I do whatever I want, ever I want

I ain’t a pump, I ain’t a pump

Put an eight in a blunt

I stay drunk, I stay drunk

Life to the fullest, living life to the thrillest

The homie touched down, just blew Ten bullets

If you ever met him, you would say that he the coolest

If you ever play him, you gon’ cough a pale of mucus

20 inch arms, put hands on a hater

When he came home he was seating on some paper

Slidin’ in the foreigns, never been a traitor

It’s the new norm, he will shoot fuck a taser

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